Building for mobile with HTML5, Mojito, node.js, and backbone.js (links and resources)

Articles from on mobile development using HTML5, node.js, Mojito, Yahoo Cocktails, and other goodness.

The mobile app is going the way of the CD-ROM

Silicon Valley’s war for the mobile web

Yahoo dives deeper down the Node.js rabbit hole with open-source Mojito

LinkedIn’s new iPad app, which they developed using HTML5, node.js, and backbone.js.

How LinkedIn built its new iPad app

How LinkedIn used Node.js and HTML5 to build a better, faster app

The LinkedIn engineering blog, which has some very nice articles on how they used HTML5 in developing their iPad app

LinkedIn for iPad: 5 techniques for smooth infinite scrolling in HTML5

LinkedIn For iPad: using local storage for snappy mobile apps

Blazing fast node.js: 10 performance tips from LinkedIn Mobile






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