What I’m Reading – Cards Based Web Design and Content Management

Content Management Sara Wachter-Boettcher- “Future-Ready Content”  alistapart.com 2/28/2012 http://alistapart.com/article/future-ready-content accessed 1/27/2015 Alex Pinto – 10 Ways to Optimize Your Content for Mobile Reading yottaa.com 3/10/2014 http://www.yottaa.com/blog/10-ways-to-optimize-your-content-for-mobile-reading accessed 1/30/2015 Cards Based Web Design Jacqueline Thomas – “A Serious Look At Card Based Design” webdesignledger.com Continue reading

What I’m Reading – 1/22/2015

Performance “7 Principles of Rich Web Applications” rauchg.com November 4, 2014  http://rauchg.com/2014/7-principles-of-rich-web-applications/ Retrieved January 22, 2015 Marketing Technology Peatman,Bill”WHAT IS A MARKETING TECHNOLOGY STACK AND WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?” Ensighten.com April 29, 2014  http://www.ensighten.com/blog/what-marketing-technology-stack-and-why-should-you-care/  Retrieved January 22, 2015 Treffiletti, Cory “UNDERSTANDING MARKETING Continue reading