About Coyote Code Bits

Welcome to the  coyotecreation.com CodeBits blog. This is where I discuss this site redesign, and add links to my favorite resources for the languages and tools I use as a Front End Web Developer | Coder | Designer.

The  front end of this site (not the blogs)  is a work in progress that is being hand coded in HTML5 and CSS3. HTML5 is awesome, and is here NOW. You can already use it on your site, with the caveat that currently it is still being developed, and of course not all browsers fully support it (you will recognize the most egregious offending non-standards-compliant browsers by the pretty blue “e” in the top left corner, plus a number between 1 and 8).

Coyotecreation.com is designed to degrade somewhat gracefully, which just means that if you are using a browser that does not fully support HTM5 or CSS3, you will have a less shiny experience with the visuals, such as square corners instead of rounded corners on some pages, and entirely missing content on one page.  So you might want to explore using a compliant browser, just to get all the pretty stuff.  If you are using  IE6 (or is it IE6.66?), I do not guarantee that ANYTHING will work, as I no longer support that travesty of a browser.

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