The Hierophant

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The Hierophant Major Arcana Tarot Card Meaning

Symbolism and Interpretation

The Hierophant





Upright Meaning

The Hierophant is the keeper and interpreter of the sacred mysteries, the one who brings congregants into the presence of The Holy. Their role is as a guide towards knowledge, insight, and wisdom, and they strive to maintains the traditions, social structures, and institutions of their society and community, both religious and otherwise. They are honorable and hold strongly to their moral code and ethics. At their best, the Hierophant brings together ancient traditions and wisdoms with modern knowledge and understandings. They have a deep and extensive knowledge of their area of expertise, but they do not share lightly, instead holding back the deeper teachings until the student is ready.

The Hierophant upholds orthodoxy in beliefs and systems and works within and adapts to well established traditions and processes.

The Hierophant’s path presents the opportunity to rise in influence, status, and power so long as one conforms to the prescribed roles, processes, and behaviors for one’s position.  

Reversed Meaning

False prophets and false teachings. Cults. Stifling bureaucracy. What was once inspiring and profound has become dry and unfulfilling, and a barricade to growth. The leaders have feet of clay. An edifice built on false and insubstantial foundations. Rebellion that is ineffective in bringing change to the institution. The one who rebels will have to either submit or find another path.

A crisis of faith and a loss of meaning.

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