Ten of Cups

Tarot Card Meaning & Interpretation

Ten of Cups / Chalices Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meaning

Symbolism and Interpretation

Ten of Chalices


Ten grails arch along a rainbow. The rainbow follows the rain poured from each of the chalices upon the earth, and the land is watered, the river filled with the outflowing from the grails.

Below the rainbow is a lush and joyous scene. A family with three children walks hand in hand along the banks of a stream. On the other side of the stream is a winding road with a cottage and trees along one side and a streetlamp on the other. At the very front of the scene a dog stands and looks back over it’s shoulder at the family.




Upright Meaning

A card of contentment and lasting happiness. The good things of life, with love, friendship, peace, and joy. Good fortune and blessings follow upon hard (emotional and physical) work. Gratitude, completion, and beginnings. Well-being. One knows that one is in the presence of the divine. Family and community effort brings abundance.

Thriving and affirming joy. The experience of the Ten of Chalices follows upon one’s previous work in building and experiencing a wide and diverse range of emotion and responses, all of this after living through the full range of experiences within the previous cards in the suit.

Reversed Meaning

Pie in the sky fantasies. Dreams that are unrealistic under your current situation. There is a promise for the attainment of your goals and dreams, but it will require work and effort. One is holding to fantasy as a way of avoiding dealing with the situations and realities of one’s life. Estrangement, loss of innocence. One is not seeing the reality of a situation, only the “stage presence”. The face we show the world is not what happens behind closed doors. Toxic Positivity.

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