The Five of Wands

Tarot Card Meaning & Interpretation

The Five of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Symbolism and Interpretation

The Five of Wands


Five people are on an open field under a cloudy sky. They are all dressed differently, and they appear to be fighting and yelling while facing each other and holding their staves as weapons. One person has his back to the querant.  It is unclear from the image whether this is a sports competition or actual battle. Five crows circle overhead.



Competition. Conflict. Aggression. The Joy of Battle.


Alienation, estrangement from one’s community. Overspending.

Upright Meaning

“We remember these battles because we shared them, we fought them together.”

Competition. A battle of egos. Sports, striving for personal excellence in a collaborative endeavour. The outcome may depend on previous preparation.

People from diverse backgrounds in conflict. This diversity makes it difficult for them to see or understand each other’s point of view.

One is so caught up in fighting the daily battles that one forgets the bigger picture. Conflict that adversely impacts your ability to move forward with your projects.

Ongoing conflict, opposition. Anger is getting in the way of real communication.

Reversed Meaning

Competition devolves into conflict and fighting. Alliances fall apart. One is caught up in fighting a battle and this is preventing one from moving forward with one’s goals. One is unable to find common ground with one’s opponents. A breakdown in communications. People are not listening to each other.

Negotiations fail. One is outmatched in a battle. Legal fights.

Inner conflict: one is paralyzed by inner turmoil.

Avoiding conflict with others causes a situation to become worse.

One is focused on tactics and forgets strategy.

Fighting hard for small rewards.

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