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The Seven of Wands


A strong looking person wearing plate and chain armor stands at the top of a rocky hill.  They hold a quarterstaff at ready in both hands and watch intently. In the foreground are six staves aimed like spears pointing upwards at the person. The sky is overcast with dark clouds.




Upright Meaning

King of the Hill. Defending one’s boundaries. It can feel like everyone is against you but if you commit to holding your position you will ultimately prevail and succeed. Stand firm and do not take “no” for an answer. Leadership and aggression. Fighting to protect the vulnerable.

The “whack a mole” card. There will be pushback when making changes. Activism. Others have a vested interest in the status quo and will resist and attack. If you are prepared for this you can prevail.

Tough competition on the job. Power struggles.

Reversed Meaning

Imposter syndrome, self-confidence issues. A promotion or advancement goes to others. Shooting oneself in the foot. It is not that you lack the ability, it is that you lack the will to stand up for yourself and what you believe in.

Unequal competition: one is fighting to win, but one’s opponents are outclassed.

Sometimes letting the other person win is the right thing to do.

Ask yourself: “Is this the hill you want to die on?” What may be a minor issue to you may be a “life-and-death” matter to the others involved.

False criteria for success. Trying to play by your own rules will not work.

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