The Ace of Wands

Tarot Card Meaning & Interpretation

The Ace of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Symbolism and Interpretation

The Ace of Wands


A hand emerges from clouds, palm up and with a flowering and leafy wand held in the palm. The upper part of the wand includes a stylized golden sun with a red crystal at its center. A rainbow arc and flash of light radiate outward from the sun image. 

Beneath the hand and wand is an open plain with a curving river and trees in full foliage growing along the riversides. A mountain range is visible in the distance. The sky is partly cloudy, with a golden sunrise lighting the clouds.



Creativity, New Beginnings. A journey. Carpe Diem – Seize the Opportunity!


Setbacks. A false start. A need for caution. Creative block. Fatigue.

Upright Meaning

Creativity, inspiration, beginnings. Energy and growth. A time of vitality, optimism, and hope. The seeds of a new venture or enterprise. Success and good fortune. Illumination, ambition. Willpower, passion, enthusiasm. Passion and excitement. Moving beyond old boundaries and opening up to new experiences and perspectives.

Finding your own true voice and vision. Creative awakening.

The launch of a project that involves significant initial effort and investment but brings long term rewards. Planting an orchard.

Entrepreneurship. A turn for the better. Investments bear fruit.

Standing out from the crowd, finding one’s own voice and vision.

The start of a journey or an adventure.

Kicking off a major project. Breakthroughs. Opportunities opening up.

Reversed Meaning

Misplaced hope, a false start. Creative block, lack of direction or motivation. A failure to think things through. Delays. Resisting change.

A need for caution: not a good time to take risks. What appears to be a good opportunity is likely to fail.  

Things taking a turn for the worse. You are doing the right thing, but things still go wrong.

Doubt and uncertainty surrounding an endeavor. Procrastination.

Forever researching options and planning, but never actually doing.

A difficult beginning that can with care still succeed.

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