The High Priestess

Tarot Card Meaning & Interpretation

The High Priestess Major Arcana Tarot Card Meaning

Symbolism and Interpretation

The High Priestess Tarot Card


A winged woman, robed in white and with her arms upraised. She is crowned with the crescent moon and is accompanied by two cats, one black and one white. Between her hands are the waxing, full, and waning moons, and behind her is the night sky with stars and the milky way. She stands before a cenotaph on which is inscribed a message in a long forgotten language.



Intuition, wisdom, mysteries. Inner voice.


Illusion. Spiritual danger. False visions. Hidden motives. Confusion.

Upright Meaning

The keeper and gate to the mysteries and divine knowledge. The Oracle and The Divine Ruler. The Goddess who enters the Underworld and Returns. Persephone.
The inner silence where one seeks, awaits, and finds insights and visions. The Pythoness and the Seer. The silence in which the Truth of All Is Revealed.
Intuition, wisdom, inner peace. Inner illumination. One has withdrawn from the hubbub of life in the world. She may be solitary or part of a dedicated community.
She is the teacher of sacred knowledge and hidden mysteries.

The seeker encounters the Priestess, but what is received and what one does with it is upon the individual. She will give answers, but the answer may not be what you understand or want to hear.

The Holy Fool realizes that the Priestess knows and understands all within the Heavens. Others go to her to receive the lesser insights that ease their paths in this world: “will he love me”, or “do you have a salve or potion for the pain or to bring the outcome I want?”

Her true wisdom is only revealed when the student is ready and willing to look beyond the mundane realm.

Reversed Meaning

Spiritual Danger. Illusion. Religious Zealotry that is based on a false understanding. Willful ignorance. One has build an edifice upon falsehood.
Toxic secrets. Political infighting behind the scenes. Witch Wars. Hidden motives.

One has been caught in the outer rituals of one’s life and religion and lost the inner meaning.

One is misled, and mistaking what one believes one knows to be actual facts. Confusion, cognitive dissonance. 

Gaslighting by the institutions of one’s faith. False leadership and misunderstood teachings. One entered a path seeking truth and the understanding of the mysteries, but instead has become entrapped and oppressed. Your faith is being used against you.

On this path lies madness and the abuse of power. One lacks the experience and structure to properly process and understand the visions.

Do not let others deny your truth.

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