Eight of Cups

Tarot Card Meaning & Interpretation

Eight of Cups / Chalices Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meaning

Symbolism and Interpretation

The Eight of Chalices





Upright Meaning

Ambivalence about travel: visiting family or old friends, but there are concerns about “old baggage” or other difficulties. While how things go with the process and the situation at the destination will not be perfect, the journey will still be worth taking.

A time of change and transition. Discontent, searching. Pilgrimage.

One has paused in one’s journey to gain knowledge, support, and healing. But it is now time to move on.

One takes the first steps in building a life that is purposeful and is right for oneself.

One’s life situation no longer fulfills. Moving on with one’s life. Walking away from people, situations, or plans. Risk-taking. Leaving the familiar behind, seeking new experiences.

Having to embark on a quest and leaving community behind. The start of the hero’s journey, and even the continuation, is not always easy, and can lead into necessary peril.

Parts of one’s path must be walked alone. Your allies support you, but they have their own work to do and their own parts to play elsewhere.

Learning from the mistakes of the past, and also taking the needful action to remedy the damage that has been handed down from the actions of one’s ancestors or community members. Doing the work to let go of old attachments and pain.

Sometimes you have to choose and accept the pain you will bear. There will be regrets and struggle no matter which choice you make, but the outcomes will differ, and who you become will differ.

A situation is unlikely to improve. Sometimes you have to cut your losses and move on.

Reversed Meaning

One has not been facing current problems and difficulties, and instead is trying to escape by running away or disappearing into fantasy and denial. Emotional withdrawal, disconnecting from others.

“The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” One is drifting from one place to the next, finding no real improvement. True transformation requires real work on oneself, otherwise the changes you attempt will not bring fulfillment.

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