Three of Cups

Tarot Card Meaning & Interpretation

Three of Cups / Chalices Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meaning

Symbolism and Interpretation

Three of Cups





Upright Meaning

Friendship, celebration, happy times. Optimism and hope. Change of circumstance and direction in one’s life. Moving into a new stage or phase of one’s life. A time to create memories and lay the foundation for lasting bonds and relationships.

Anticipation and preparation for new beginnings and good things happening.

Bridal and baby showers, starting a new year in school, making new friends.

Reversed Meaning

Creative Process

Three of Cups<br />

The Three of Chalices for my upcoming Star & Sunflower deck started with a public domain cc0 photo I found on Pexels .com of three women dancing while holding a piece of gauzy fabric. I originally was going with a photo of 3 women sitting on a picnic cloth with wine glasses, but it just looked too “influencer-party-perfect”.

This image instead gave me the opportunity to weave in a deeper association for the card of the maiden-mother-crone, though I spent a while battling the card looking all ethereal and wispy and angelic, which was not the feel I wanted. I let it sit overnight, came back with fresh eyes, dumped the bright blue sunny sky, and it all started to come together. So we now can take the interpretation anywhere from a fun Tupperware party all the way up to a Sabbat celebration. 🙂

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