The Four of Wands

Tarot Card Meaning & Interpretation

The Four of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Symbolism and Interpretation

The Four of Wands


A gazebo covered in grapevines and with a yellow banner stands in front of a castle. Four staffs form the four gazebo pillars. The gazebo is surrounded by rosebushes in bloom.

Two women in festive garb are dancing under the gazebo. In the distance are several groups of people talking amongst each other. In the foreground are two musicians playing their instruments.



Celebrations, prosperity, happiness, community. Connecting with family and loved ones. Good Fortune


Alienation, estrangement from one’s community. Overspending.

Upright Meaning

Reunions, festivities. The strengthening and affirmation of bonds. A time of peace and prosperity, though there is a lot of behind-the-scenes effort.

Community support and social traditions. Success through shared effort and contributions.

A get-together or celebration: this could be anything from a holiday cookout to a family reunion to a wedding party to the annual town festival. Everybody has an opportunity to contribute what they do best: go ahead and bring your guitar, make your famous potato salad recipe, help with the decorations.

Stability, happiness, balance. Good times. Getting together with friends and loved ones, forming bonds and memories. Beneficial social relationships. Homecomings.

Networking at social events. Reaching a milestone on a project.

Also: the opportunity to make a living providing one’s skills and talents to others. The caterer, the musician, the event planner.

Reversed Meaning

Rootlessness. Alienation from home and family. The outsider, with no real connection to community. Lack of support. Leaving home, possibly under difficult circumstances. Feeling isolated and lonely even when surrounded by others.

Partying, but without connection. Danger and risk: Going to a party or social event can lead to bad experiences and outcomes.

Going overboard on spending without real long-term gain. “Buying friends”. Fair-weather friends who will leave once the good times end and the money runs out.

This is the bridezilla spending tens of thousands on an “influencer-grade” wedding and honeymoon, only to end up divorcing within a year or two.

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