The Tower

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The Tower Major Arcana Tarot Card Meaning

Symbolism and Interpretation

The Tower


A winged woman, robed in white and with her arms upraised. She is crowned with the crescent moon and is accompanied by two cats, one black and one white. Between her hands are the waxing, full, and waning moons, and behind her is the night sky with stars and the milky way. She stands before a cenotaph on which is inscribed a message in a long forgotten language.




Upright Meaning

I’ve always seen the Tower as somewhere between the traditional “Tower of Babel” and a Watchtower or Lighthouse in a storm.

A time of sudden, disruptive, and cataclysmic change. Things are not as they appear:  the light you see is not a lamp signifying sanctuary but a beacon warning of great danger.

Bankruptcy, conflict, divorce. Loss of home and community.

Drastic change caused by circumstances outside of one’s control, after which there is no going back.

Also: change that leads to liberation and a transformed view of the world.  #tarot #artist #tarotcards

Design detail from The Star & Sunflower Tarot: the two people falling were sourced from photos of acrobats in costume who were doing arial dance while hanging from long ropes I included the part of the ropes that they had tied around them because the image of ropes tied around a person that had originally spoken to safety while demonstrating the freedom and power of their craft but now suggest bindings from which one had broken free but that also the freedom may be illusory and one is not yet out of grave danger.

Reversed Meaning

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